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2019/09/10 02:09:44
One Step at a Time
 I came to Guangzhou after leaving Putian, to attend a promotional activity for Satchi Shoes, c...
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2019/09/09 01:09:33
Back to Putian
 I attended a promotional activity for Han's Yunfeng, that gave me a chance to come back to...
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2019/09/08 03:09:46
Update to a Legend
Like many others, I am deeply interested in urban legends from all over the world. I have been payin...
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2019/09/07 02:09:24
Impact of Meteorites
News regarding meteorites impacting Earth, can always attract the attention of people, so there are ...
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2019/09/06 02:27:07
No Need for Research
After reading a new study from the US, it left me a little unsettled. The study discovered that opti...
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2019/09/05 12:13:16
Perhaps many people think that it is difficult to see results from regular work meetings, and even s...
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2019/09/04 12:23:07
Taking Care of Life
I still haven't been able to achieve the "Danshari" style realm of life (remove clutte...
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2019/09/03 12:09:10
A friend sent me some interesting writings, discussing what it means to be someone who values practi...
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