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Mass Extinction
Given your All
Self-Empowerment in the face of the Outbreak
The Enigmas of Time
Not to be Relaxed
The Era of Artificial Intelligence
Cause Things to go Swimmingly
Catch 22
Day of Showers
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2020/05/08 11:22:12
Consolidate at Every Step
 With the ebbing of the pandemic,different industries have begun to reopen,yet the situation re...
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2020/05/07 09:18:20
 Due to the coronavirus outbreak, this year’s Hong Kong Film Awardscould only resort to l...
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2020/05/06 09:27:47
 If there were something that you’ve dreamt of attaining,while it’s within your abi...
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2020/05/05 09:30:41
To Bring Troubles Upon Ourselves
 A great number of our troubles stem from our obstinacy towards certain things or our own self-...
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2020/05/04 09:56:11
Scorching Summer
 Arriving on the last day of the long weekend,all of a sudden it has turned into a scorching ho...
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2020/05/03 12:46:41
Calling a Spade a Spade
 There are quite the number of people who are afraid to speak up,feeling as though calling a sp...
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2020/05/02 11:28:47
Thank You
 In my own opinion, “thank you” is pivotal under all circumstances.However, the maj...
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2020/05/01 15:14:05
Solidarity in the Face of Covid-19
 Regardless of how bad the situation is,We ought not to lose our vigour,take heart when facing ...
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