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2022/05/05 21:00:28
May the Force be with You
 It is an auspicious day for Star Wars fans worldwide every year on May 4th, as it is...
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2022/05/04 22:30:50
 I believe we would all agree that due to this global pandemic, our world is no longe...
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2022/05/03 21:05:40
Nippy Wind in May
 What words of wisdom it is when it comes to the saying “Do not put away your winter...
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2022/05/02 16:25:01
The Enchantment of Lights and Shadows
 Although both movies and shows on streaming platforms are of rather fine quality, and tha...
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2022/05/01 22:04:18
 Perhaps we can put it this way, as long as we are alive, annoyances would follow,&nb...
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2022/04/30 21:22:10
Utilization of Time
 I believe as long as there is time on hand, we ought to utilize it optimally, like s...
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2022/04/29 22:09:24
Look Upward and Forward
 Regardless of the circumstances, what has already happened cannot be changed, and on...
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2022/04/28 22:23:32
Commemorate Doyen Kenneth Tsang
 I had the opportunity to work with doyen Kenneth Tsang Kong in the movie “Overheard 3&rd...
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