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2022 Aug
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2022/08/06 18:07:17
The Only Person
 Being troubled by the inability to pinpoint your own stand, wanting to have a clear picture of...
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2022/08/05 09:49:04
Come with the Territory
 More often than not, we take sunrises and sunsets for granted, blue skies, white clouds a...
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2022/08/04 23:44:45
One who can Elevate the Comeliness of Movies
 It is with deep regret that I received the news of Mr. Bruce Yu’s passing, frankly,...
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2022/08/03 11:25:57
 Opportunity will not emerge by means of waiting alone, and, obviously, it won’...
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2022/08/02 11:14:43
 Running emphasizes on pace, and it is simply the same when it comes to conducting one&rsq...
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2022/08/01 14:19:26
The Stage of Life
 Everyone has their own stage. And this theatre platform is our daily life. At t...
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2022/07/31 21:30:30
Cherish Every Moment
 Amidst the sands of time, humans are simply punier than that of fine dust, and the t...
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2022/07/30 10:47:17
 With things just coming out of left field, the inability to regain composure is rather or...
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