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2019/09/22 12:09:11
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Recently there has been a lot of news concerning UFOs. The most intriguing one is about internet users from the US planning a raid on the mysterious Area 51 in the state of Nevada. Several million people had announced their support for the event on a social network, and the US military had made preparations to be prepared for them. Eventually only several dozen people showed up, which means this adventure, that was hoped to receive the government's attention, had failed to materialize.

The US military has for many years, stressed that Area 51 is a training field, but fans of UFOs all over the world, believe that evidence of extraterrestrial life has always existed there. Even though the US government has denied it for many years, it still didn't deter the interest of fans of UFOs. Actually, Area 51 could consider a partial opening of the area,to demonstrate the authenticity of the rumors. However, after telling the true story, perhaps people from all over the world who engge in producing creative works, will lose a place that has provided unlimited imagination.

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