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2021/01/05 15:01:31
So Long Sister Kum


The news of Lee Hong Kum, Sister Kum’s passing

was brought to me via a phone call from a colleague earlier on today,

and at the moment I was really hoping it’s a mere rumour,

but when different media friends approached me about it…

I was forced to face the truth.


From the movie “All’s Well End’s Well 2009” onward,

Sister Kum and I have worked closely on numerous Lunar New Year films­,

including “All’s Well End’s Well 2010”,

“All’s Well End’s Well 2011”,

and “All’s Well End’s Well 2012”,

sadly, that was the very last we have worked alongside each other.


When it comes to her career, Sister Kum had continually exerted a professional demeanour,

and was immensely friendly and approachable

to both young actors and staffs,

there’s no doubt that she was remarkably well-received by all.


Even though we did not get to collaborate again after the last movie we’ve worked on together,

Director Raymond Wong and I would go about visit Sister Kum quite frequently,

and conversations were always delightful.

I am genuinely grateful to Sister Kum

for all the life pointers she had given me throughout the years.


So long, Sister Kum.    

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