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Who is the Alien
2021 Jun
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2021/06/06 22:42:27
Who is the Alien


Worldwide UFO enthusiasts are rejoicing 

in the wake of more and more countries releasing their aliens and UFO related data. 

However, there has also been the emergence of an opposing theory as of late, 

where certain experts deemed our current technologies 

as inept to prove the appearances of UFO on earth, 

among which “a German expert with decades of UFO research under his belt” 

even stated that extra-terrestrial beings might never have visited us thus far. 

Agree or not, 

I believe there lies the need of differing opinions, 

and not to mention, the hypothesis of whether space beings have ever stopped by our mother earth 

is, in itself, uber intriguing. 

What if humans are the foreign beings all along, 

as in we aren’t originated from this big blue marble, 

or how about, 

aliens have resided at the bottom of the ocean 

since way-back-when? 

Well then in such case, wouldn’t we, human beings, be the space visitors instead.

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