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 謝謝 "靖嵐" 今天送給我的電話繩 
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註冊時間: 週日 2月 11, 2007 11:53 pm
文章: 1646
來自: UK
Purple 寫:
Judy 寫:
Twinkling Star 寫:
Purple 寫:
Twinkling Star 寫:
嘩。。嘩。。Purple, 我為何沒收到禮物呢﹖﹖{ 講笑啦﹗ }

Twinking Star,
gifts.....but i don't know what do you like,
i know maymay likes "hello kitty" very much!
Of course, i would like to meet you again, anyone else? babe? maymay?
why you said that you won't come back??
why why why??

Take Care!

Purple, I were just joking about the gift my dear,
I will love to meet up with Babe and Judy again,
if they can make it.

Of course I wish to return after my charity work,
But nobody can assure that everything will be smooth running back in Africa. A few of the doctors got sick and didn't make it back home, so I was just saying, in case I fall sick & fail to return then we will lost touch forever.
I am placing my life in the hand of God and with his blessing I hope to be able to come home, safe and sound.

hey here I come... I would love to meet you guys again, but I will need to see when I am next in HK, as my next trip will be VERY HECTIC...
Hey Purple~sorry I didn't get the chance to see you before I left as I was quite busy in the last week and time flew past very quick...

Hi Judy,
it's alright! we may meet again next time......
how about your wedding?
remember to send me some pictures, thanks!

hey purple...
my wedding is due for September 2008 haha, still some time, but I'm sure time flies like a buzzing bee...of course will show you the photos...hehe thanks...


週日 11月 18, 2007 4:53 pm
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