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 THE LATERALS訪問:Film Louis Koo 
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文章 THE LATERALS訪問:Film Louis Koo

Louis Koo

I interviewed Louis Koo once. At the moment I saw him, he gave me an impression of someone who's reserved, cold, aloof, and powerful. The atmosphere of that photoshoot was equally severe and solemn. But things changed when we were sitting face-to-face. Louis Koo pulled out the chair on his own, smiled to the coordinator and me, and said, "let's first sit down. Don't be nervous". During the half-hour chat, he was like a big brother to me. He was polite, attentive, and intelligent. He respected the women he's working with, which is rare in this industry.

Over the years, he is still a modest soul who is very focused on his work, and he kept himself busy in a low-key manner. His public appearances were few, if any, they were often connected to his press work and were rarely with any formal interview, except for his film promotions. "I work almost every day, and I always focus on films." He said, "For each role, I have to discuss it with the director. When I perform, I need to recreate the part myself. I have too much thoughts and no personal time."

In the early days, Louis starred in odd jobs, such as his appearance in 30 music videos. As he becomes quite sought after, he devoted himself to being involved in various films and television dramas. Since his debut in TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) in 1993, Louis has starred in 105 released films, nominated for eight film awards including the Golden Horse Awards, the Hong Kong Film Awards, the Asia Pacific Film Festival, and won the Best Actor at Hong Kong Film Awards in 2018. He has played roles in 16 dramas, the most prestigious ones among which—Yang Guo in The Condor Heroes and Xiang Shaolong from Qin Xun Ji, have become the most legendary classics in this era.

Aside from his career in film, Louis is known for his charitable work. He funded 111 Hope Primary Schools in the mountainous areas of mainland China. In 2008, his charitable foundation, "HKT as trustee of Koo Tin Lok Charitable Foundation" was formally established, making numerous contributions to the public welfare thus far. For many years, Louis Koo always buried himself into work. He spares no minute and has already been widely recognized as a low-key workaholic by the public. For that, he has successfully represented the very essence of Li Bai's novel, Ode to Gallantry.

Everyone is waiting for the release of Warriors of Future. Talk to us about this movie.

There's a lot of effort involved; we invested so much time in it. The film was never intended to rush for a release, I took my time to do my best before letting the audience see it. Because of that, we learned a lot from experience as a whole. I can't tell you much, but the film has been in talks since 2014. However, I made sure to work on this only when the market is mature and ready for it. There's currently little to no hard-hitting science fiction films released in Hong Kong. So I figured, why not give it a try?

It is said that you enjoy collecting figurines of characters from various film and television dramas.

I have enjoyed watching cartoons and sci-fi films since I was a child, the reality of it has really inspired me to make more sci-fi films. The dolls in my collection are all from popular movies, but I rarely collect them now. There are just too many collections for me to manage. I think certain habits should stop where it should stop.

Tell us about the first figurine you collected.
The first figurine I ever had, was Darth Vader from Star Wars. Darth Vader has always had a profound influence on me. As a villain, he has become so popular, and I was very much attracted to the complexities of this character.

“I have full confidence in movies in general, not just Hong Kong films.”

What do you do when you're not on set?
Probably watching movies.

Could you describe the development of Hong Kong films?

I believe it still is necessary to meet the needs of the market. The market also needs time to adjust. It can be cultivated, and now is a good adjustment period. I have full confidence in movies in general, not just Hong Kong films.

As the president of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, what is your main task at present?

I encourage our artists to try in many ways, learn new things in new fields, and make new forms of works.

What's next for you? Any surprises you could share?

There will be no surprise if I give you the answer. All I can say is that I will put my heart into it, and I believe everyone will slowly see my direction.






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