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2019/10/15 12:10:48
At the Box Office
I have finished the promotion for the movie "A Witness out of the Blue". As the movie is o...
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2019/10/14 12:20:18
A Perfect Answer
Whether it is work or in life, if we try our hand at doing something, there must be areas that we ha...
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2019/10/13 03:25:31
Today I saw the news about how the world record for marathons has to be rewritten. It took less than...
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2019/10/12 06:10:36
On Site in Shenzhen
  After leaving Beijing, today I came to Shenzhen to continue with the promotion of the mo...
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2019/10/11 12:10:41
The Concept of Balance
  Many people stress that we need to maintain a balance between work and life. I agree wit...
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2019/10/10 04:00:47
Work Mode
I'm often asked by media friends whether or not I am tired from working so much? It is no except...
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2019/10/09 03:10:47
On Site in Beijing
  Today I came to Beijing to attend a promotional event for the movie "A Witness our ...
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2019/10/08 01:08:23
Imaginary Enemy
Many people have imaginary enemies. It could be an ideal that they are pursuing, and through wanting...
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