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The One Who's Close to God
Airport Story
2019 Jul
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2019/07/07 12:55:37
The One Who's Close to God
Recently there is a movie that really interests me. It is about a scandal concerning the inventor Ed...
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2019/07/06 12:10:05
Airport Story
While on the plane, I rarely watch movies related to airplanes, like those about disasters in the ai...
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2019/07/05 12:35:52
Body and Mind
I often hear that we have to put our heart into our work. We have to put our heart into our schoolwo...
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2019/07/04 02:15:43
Direct Communication
Last night we heard the news that WhatsApp and some secial media, has run into trouble worldwide, an...
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2019/07/03 01:55:43
Give Ourselves Time
Every day filled up by all kinds of things...this is the life of urban dwellers. However, I sug...
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2019/07/02 02:51:59
What's considered investing for us as a person? Perhaps some would say it is dignity, but actual...
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2019/07/01 01:33:23
At different stages in life, we all need to have companions. It's our family when we are small, ...
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2019/06/30 12:48:27
Brothers Don't Doubt
The movie "The White Storm 2: Drug Lords", is about to be released in July. Earlier, Andy ...
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